Our People

RCR Street Performance is led by a team of battle-tested pros. Read more about each of them below. More pics and info to be added soon.

Jimmy Smith: Lead Builder
When You ask Jimmy when his first shop was established he jokes by saying the day he was born. He was meant to craft cars. He learned hard work in the family sign business and hasn't forgotten what customer service is all about. Attention to detail comes naturally and is part of every wrench turn, spray pass and wax swirl. He proudly manages the production of every RCR Camaro as though it is his personal vehicle. Furthermore, he expects every hand that touches the car to do the same.
Heather Smith: The Lady in Charge
To say she runs the show is a major understatement. She makes multitasking an art form. When she isn't taking care of her real children she is looking after her surrogate kids. Heather not only is involved in every decision that happens at RCR Street Performance she plays mother hen to the whole gang. She can also be tough on suppliers. When she explains what she expects from you she gets it. You get to decide whether it is the easy way or the hard way. She is the piece of the puzzle that we can't live without.

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