Our Process

RCR Street Performance

See the difference. Hear the difference. Feel the difference. Those are the promises of the RCR Street Performance brand. It's not only about a machine that will turn heads it's about power, performance and results. But to get reliable results it takes years of hands-on knowledge. It has to be done in a team focused environment with high expectations. It isn't done in a clean room behind a computer display. You gotta get your hands dirty. We're a community of everyday racers. Passionate about our jobs making race cars go fast on the track and obsessive about building cars that both look good and win on the street. You see, our family has 500 engine builders, chassis specialists, engineers and fabricators. About 490 of us are the proud owners of almost every muscle car that's ever been made.

Our goal at RCR Street Performance is simple – transfer the knowledge we've learned racing into your garage via the Chevrolet Gen 5 Camaro. We do this using the expertise of our race family. We know a thing or two about race cars but we also know about street cars because of the countless hours we spend every weekend in our own garages. We dream about building the perfect car. One that that works on the street but looks like it was bred on the race track. We believe other people want to be part of that family. We believe they have that dream, too.

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