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Well into the second year of our RCR Street Performance program we've made some noticeable changes in the 2011 packages. Both the RC2 and RC3 platform now include a custom build and tuned LSX 454 normally aspirated engine. We really like the old school look and feel of the NA engine. Even though Chevy gives us a very stable platform we've validated this package the old fashion way - road miles and track time! The new LSX iron block is bullet proof! We put 5,000 miles on our development car with the new engine - in ONE week!! That includes almost two hours of drive the-you-know-what out of it on the Firebird race track. We didn't mess around with the new suspension either. We teamed up with the guys at Pfadt Race Engineering to bring their performance suspensions to our Camaro. This combination takes a well-mannered stock Camaro and makes it down right nasty. We could go on and on about everything we do to enhance the base Camaro but it's probably best that you read the details of our cars for yourself.

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