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Forty years ago when Richard Childress spent his days hand-crafting his own racecar chassis and custom-building his high performance motors, he was consumed with one thing - racing. In fact, he'd spend all week working on his car, run it on the bullring racetracks of the Carolinas during the weekend, then drive all night to get back to work on Monday morning. This passion made him an icon of the sport. In fact, having won more than 190 races and 12 major NASCAR championships as a team, the name Richard Childress has become synonymous with racing. He forged a legacy the only way they are built in this sport of champions, one race at a time, year after year. He didn't dream of a legacy. He built one.

Now Richard wants to take that same hardworking attitude and winning tradition and apply it to the street. He wants to build the same trust in the street performance world that he has the in race world. He knows it will not be easy but his plan is to build it one car at a time.

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